Vow of Abandonment

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque tells us in her autobiography that early in her religious life, Our Lord demanded of her the sacrifice of her liberty and her whole being, and that she made it to Him Later on He demanded that this sacrifice be made in the form of a vow to do always what was most perfect; this vow she made, in greatest detail, after consulting her Superiors. He made similar demands from Sister Louise Margaret; first He demanded of her a vow of total abandonment to His will, and later on, He demanded a donation of her whole being to Infinite Love.

She made the vow of abandonment on the First Friday of August, 1895, with the consent of her confessor and her superiors, according to the following formula:

“O my God, prostrate in Thy presence, I adore Thy infinite perfection, I adore Thy sovereign dominion over all Thy creatures and, in order to recognise Thy dominion over me, I make a vow of total abandonment of my whole being into Thy hands, allowing Thee to dispose of me according to Thy good pleasure, for time and eternity,”

“O Jesus, I abandon myself without reserve to Thy divine Heart, giving Thy love entire liberty of action in me and around me, wishing to see only Thy action in all things and to adore every disposition of Thy will.”

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