The 4th part of the work of Infinite Love: The Missionaries of Infinite Love

The Missionaries of Infinite Love are a pontifical secular institute of consecrated lay women who live the spirituality of the Work while immersed in the life of the world
or who want to live their Baptism plunging into any reality in which man lives and works, rejoices and suffers, struggles and hopes;
or who want to imitate Jesus professing the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience;
or who embody the mission of the Church in the world without any obvious distinguishing marks just like yeast, salt and light;
or searching every day for the union between faith and life, action and contemplation, passion for God and passion for the world;
or serving the priesthood and the Church, through prayer and sacrifice, working with their mission in the world.


Michelina Giachino in her late thirties was an elementary school teacher and president of the Diocesan Girls Youth of Catholic Action of Ivrea. In her frequent visits to parish groups was aware of the small monastery of Bethany of the Sacred Heart and went there to engage the sisters in prayer for her youth.

She recalled that the effect of that meeting was intended to leave an indelible mark on her for life.
“In that meeting there was something that I had not expected: a strange and strong attraction which led me first to read the writings of Mother Louise Margaret and then to organize a retreat for the leaders of AC at Bethany, and finally, in August of that year to make the Act of Consecration and Donation to infinite Love. I got a real crush, a true love.” (Michelina her story)

Michelina continued to attend Bethany with increasing diligence asking herself what the Lord wanted from her? In prayer she tried to discern God's plan for her. She felt the Lord wanted to embrace her with a bond of exclusive love, and was calling her to be His, but not called to live in a convent. This shows that the world needs to know about the love of God, the young, families, workers, social environments must be brought to Christ.

She feels that her apostolic field is the world, the place where she will be sanctified is the world, the human reality in which to give herself and to spend herself is the world.

Michelina says: “My relationship with Bethany became increasingly close. Feeling more and more charm, finding myself at perfect ease in her spirituality, I spoke with Mother Margaret Reynaud of the attractiveness of the Sacred Heart and asked if, while being in the world and in the active life, I could have a more intimate relationship with Bethany. I was granted on 8 December of that year (1932) and from that moment I became a sort of Oblate of Bethany.” (Michelina her story)

In 1932 she consecrated himself to God as Michelina aggregate of Bethany. The sisters share with the spirituality of Infinite Love and strive to live the evangelical counsels in the world but remain included in their natural family, in in their professional work, in their apostolic field.

The Lord makes a gift to experience a life of dedication on a special lay mission. By Provida Mater and Primo Feliciter, the Church at that time, officially acknowledged that it is possible to devote itself entirely to God by choosing to remain in the world, to bring the world to God. In the summer of 1948 Vera Dalmasso asked the Superior General, Mother Margaret Mary Paola Agnellet, to give sanction to a group of consecrated secular among faithful friends of Bethany. Mother agreed to the proposal as an inspiration of the Spirit and decided to consult with the Bishop, Paolo Rostagno, with priests closer to Bethany and with Michelina who already experienced that form of life.

All approve of the project and Vera's dream comes true. On the eighth of December 1948, Michelina and seven other companions began the adventure of the Secular Institute of the Missionaries of Infinite Love in Bethany. The spiritual care is entrusted by the Bishop to Canon Paul Agrano.

The Lord blessed this new family extension by giving many young and enthusiastic vocations.

Michelina left her professional work to devote herelf to training, meetings and visits to various groups. Michelina and Canon Agrano lead the group with great harmony and unity of purpose toward important goals: the inauguration of Living Caritas headquarters and retreat house, the right canonical diocesan recognition of the Secular Institute, the adoption of new constitutions.

At the General Assembly of 1978 Michelina and Msgr. Agrano leave the helm of the Institute. Annunziata Montegrande is elected the new General Person Responsible and Michelina was entrusted with the direction of the Soggiorno Caritas (House for holydays).

In 1979 Bishop Bettazzi appointed spiritual advisor Bishop Arrigo Miglio.

In 1994 the Institute obtained pontifical recognition.

On 5 June 1990 and August 17, 1995 respectively Canon Agrano and Michelina, having loved and served with total dedication and passion the missionary family, the Work of Infinite Love, the Church and the world, return to the Father's house.

Michelina will always remain a point of reference for every Missionary - even through her precious writings and a credible witness of God's love for every creature.

Today they are present not only in Italy but also in Argentina, Madagascar, Poland, Togo, Colombia.

The Spirituality

The institute assumes the spirituality of the Work of Infinite Love.

They embody this spirituality, consecrated by secular living or the certainty that God loves us from eternity and surrounds us with His love that is His affection and mercy as we are, at all times and in all situations because, essentially a God of Love can only make gestures of love.

We try to accept his will as an expression of His love, trying to respond with promptness, joy and great care loving the world because “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son”, looking through his eyes of compassion and kindness by working within it, as leaven hid in the crowd, to bring into effect the Gospel. We try to spread love, joy, serenity, peace, trust, forgiveness, communion, in every area of life: in the family, at work, in the church, in society, wherever we are and whatever we do.

We try choosing the style of service that is caring attention, listening and practical help in our everyday relationships, as promptly rushing like Mary to the aid of Elizabeth.

We try to proclaim the Gospel in catechesis for children and adults, but especially by the witness of our lives.

We try to celebrate the love of God in personal prayer and community, which becomes praise, adoration, thanksgiving, intercession, reparation on behalf of all our brethren.

We try taking the commitment of a special dedication to the ministerial priesthood, which is expressed in prayer, respect, collaboration because priests are increasingly “sowers of love.”

Although aware of our smallness and our frailty, we want to repeat with Mother Louise Margaret: “I believe in the love that comforts, that intoxicates; I believe the love that breaks, crushes, strips ... My God, I believe the your love and I always believe whatever you send me, the pain, the cross that compels me, without the help, the good that I take away, I believe your love.”

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