Suggested Examination to be made each day

The Heart of Jesus, the divine Priest, was dominated all the days of His life by three sentiments: an ardent thirst for the glory of His Father, a passionate desire for the salvation of the souls of His brethren, an irresistible and constant need of self-sacrifice and immolation.

Have these three sentiments dominated my heart today? What have I done today to glorify my heavenly Father? What have I undertaken for the good of my brethren? What sacrifices have I made in union with Jesus immolated?

I. Jesus, the divine Priest, willingly accepted opprobrium and humiliations to repair the glory of God. Have I, today, humbled myself before God, recognising my nothingness and my miseries, and referring to Him the glory of the good which I have accomplished by His grace? Have I received with joy the contempt and the outrages of men?

II. Jesus, the divine Priest, never thought of Himself. He left all things, stripping Himself of everything and becoming poor, in order to give Himself completely to the salvation of His brethren. What have I done today for my brethren with my time, with my heart, with my goods; if I have not given of my material goods, have I at least used my intellectual and spiritual gifts for them?

III. Jesus, the divine Priest, having lived in a spirit of continual sacrifice, at the end offered Himself on the cross, immolating His own life by love. Have I manifested the spirit of sacrifice in my actions of this day? What sacrifice have I made today of my satisfactions of heart, of my contentment of mind, of my strength, of my repose, of my life, for the love of Jesus, and for souls?

Profound and sorrowful regrets for the shortcomings of this day. Offering to the Heart of Jesus of the good accomplished.

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