The Book of Infinite Love

“Infinite Love: It is the substance of Catholic doctrine; it is its centre; it is the explanation of all the mysteries of our Faith; it is not only the love of God for His creature; it is God Himself. God is Love! He wishes to be thus known; He wishes that this knowledge be diffused throughout the world that it may inflame it and renew it.”

Mother Louise Margaret wrote that in her Intimate Notes. All her writings are full of references to God under the name: “Infinite Love”. Her mission in life was to reveal God to the world as Infinite Love. And so Monsignor Filipello, towards the end of her second term of office, ordered her to write a little book in which she would bring together all the lights which she received on this sublime subject. In the following letter to Monsignor Filipello, expressing her gratitude to him for the many favours he had conferred on the Community, she announced to him, that the good Master had given her the plan for the work.

“Powerless to give Your Excellency a fitting testimony of our gratitude, we ask the good Master to pay our filial debt, and to pour out the abundant graces of His Infinite Love on your person, on your dear family, on all the souls that God has entrusted to your pastoral care, and on all your works.”

“It is with unspeakable joy that on Saturday next I am going to resume the lowest place and the interior life of prayer of which my soul has such great need. During these last few days, the good Master, if I am not mistaken, has given me the whole plan of what I must write on the doctrine of Infinite Love, but my ignorance and misery will ever prevent me from becoming capable of writing it alone.”

As her health was failing she knew she would never finish writing the book but she left a detailed plan for the book with details as what passages from her intimate notes were to be put into each chapter. So the book was completed after her death under the instructions of Pope Benedict XV that nothing was to be added to the book except copying the passages she had previously indicated for each chapter.

Plan of the Book

And on August 11th of 1913, she wrote to Father Charrier “Ask Our Lord to give me the help necessary to write what Monsignor and you wish me to write. I feel myself incapable of reproducing about Infinite Love what I see. I am unable to find appropriate terms to express and explain what I understand. You could not believe how painful it is to feel one’s ignorance in face of a command to be carried out and a good to be accomplished . . . . My plan shall be to show Love in itself, and then to develop the five abysses of Infinite Love which are treated of at the commencement of the fourth part of The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood: Love as Creator, Mediator, Redeemer, Illuminator, Glorifier.”

She divided the book into three parts: The needs of our time, Little Treatise on Infinite Love and the third part speaks about the Work of Infinite Love and the need for us to consecrate ourselves to Infinite Love.

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