The 1st part of the work of Infinite Love; The Union of Priests Friends of the Sacred Heart

The Clergy of our time are called upon to play a great part; they are to exercise a powerful influence over the people of the world; it is they who, in each nation, are to inaugurate a new movement of spiritual, intellectual and moral regeneration. (Book of Infinite Love - Introduction)

On June the 11th 1902 she had a vision of a special body of Priests around the Sacred Heart and on June the 13th Jesus explained that “He wished to form a body of knights who would fight for the triumph of His love.”

Sister Louise Margaret explained; “Those who would form part of this body of knights of His divine Heart would engage, among other things, to preach Infinite Love and Mercy, to be united among themselves, having but one heart and one soul in their ‘campaign for the triumph of what is good, and never to obstruct one another in their activities.’

During the Octave of Corpus Christi the essentials of this new association were outlined to her by Jesus.

The Priest’s Union is the priests of the world who desire to draw from the message of the Servant of God Louise Margaret de la Touche, while living the spirit of union among themselves around their own bishop and with the Pope, thus fulfilling Jesus' ardent desire on the eve of His passion: “May they all be One” (cf. Jn 17). Love unites and hatred divides so Jesus wants all His chosen souls; His Priests to be united in this Priest’s Union in every Diocese of the world. In it they can support each other in their struggle to win the world for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In it they can consecrate themselves more fully to the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Tabernacle of Infinite Love.

Venerable Louise Margaret wrote: “Nevertheless, Jesus, if I am not mistaken, wishes something universal, something catholic. A union on very broad lines is needed which will suit all places and all dispositions, and which will bind together, by a very simple and a very strong bond, all the other unions already formed.

As early as 1902 I had an inspiration about this universality and I believe that I wrote it down then, perhaps not very clearly.

To be one is to have one same thought, one same aspiration, one same movement. In order that all the priests of the world form one body they must unite in the same will and in the same act; they must have a spiritual rendezvous where they will meet on common ground.

This spiritual meeting-place will be the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ; the act which will unite them one to the other, and all together to God Who is Infinite Love, will be an act of dedication, of full and entire donation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the tabernacle of Infinite Love.

What Our Lord had shown me, and what I saw very clearly just now, is His desire for a new and special donation made to Infinite Love in order be consecrated to Its service, to be vowed to procure Its glory, and finally to be the instruments of the reign of Infinite Love over the world. That was shown to me during the month of May but I had waited to speak about it until my Father director had made his solemn vows.

Then, with inexpressible tenderness, Jesus began to speak to me of His priestly body; “The Priesthood is,” said He to me, “a production of My Heart”; and again;

“I have always loved My priests, but the zeal which many of them have shown in these last times to spread devotion to My Heart has increased My love for them still more.” And He added; “Tell them to come to the source of love; when they have drank in large draughts from it, they will renew the world. I will make those who come to My Heart pure and strong, I will strengthen them in truth, I will give them a new power over souls.”

To become a member of the Priest’s Union, it is above all necessary to consecrate oneself by the act of donation, the formula of which is given below, and to give oneself entirely to Infinite Love which is God Himself; “Deus est caritas.” March 15, 1911.

Act of Adoration and Donation to Infinite Love

O Infinite Love, eternal God, Principle of life, Source of being, I adore Thee in Thy sovereign Unity and the Trinity of Thy Persons. I adore Thee in the Father, omnipotent Creator Who has made all things. I adore Thee in the Son, eternal Wisdom by Whom all things were made, the Word of the Father, incarnate in time in the womb of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and King. I adore Thee in the Holy Spirit, substantial Love of the Father and the Son, in Whom are light, strength and fruitfulness.

I adore Thee, Infinite Love, hidden in the mysteries of our Faith, shedding Thy beneficent rays in the Blessed Eucharist, overflowing on Calvary and giving life to the Holy Church by the channels of the Sacraments. I adore Thee, throbbing in the Heart of Jesus, Thy ineffable tabernacle, and I consecrate myself to Thee.

I give myself to Thee without fear with the fullness of my will; take possession of my being, penetrate it entirely. I am but a nothing, powerless to serve Thee, it is true, but it is Thou, Infinite Love, Who hast given life to this nothing and Who dost draw it to Thee.

Behold me, then, O Jesus, come to do Thy work of love; to labour to the utmost of my capacity in bringing to Thy priests, and through them to the entire world, the knowledge of Thy infinite mercies and of the sublime and tender love of Thy Heart.

I wish to accomplish Thy will, whatever it may cast me even to the shedding of my blood, if my blood be not unworthy to flow for Thy glory.

O Mary, Immaculate Virgin whom Infinite Love has rendered fruitful, it is by thy virginal hands that I give and consecrate myself.

Obtain for me the grace to be humble and faithful, and to devote myself without reserve to the interests of Jesus Christ, Thy adorable Son, and to the glory of His Sacred Heart.

Pope Pius Xl granted to all members of the Priest’s Union, an indulgence of 300 days toties quoties and a plenary indulgence once a month, if recited daily.

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