Act of Consecration and Donation of oneself to Infinite Love

O Infinite Love, Eternal God, Principle of life, Source of being, I adore Thee In Thy sovereign Unity and in the Trinity of Thy Persons.

I adore Thee in the Father, omnipotent Creator Who has made all things. I adore Thee in the Son, eternal Wisdom by Whom all things have been made, the Word of the Father, incarnate in time in the womb of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and King. I adore Thee In the Holy Ghost, substantial Love of the Father and the Son, in Whom are light, strength and fruitfulness.

I adore Thee, Infinite Love, hidden in all the mysteries of our Faith, shedding Thy beneficent rays in the Blessed Eucharist, overflowing on Calvary and giving life to the Church by the channels of the Sacraments, I adore Thee throbbing in the Heart of Jesus, Thine ineffable Tabernacle, and I consecrate myself to Thee.

I give myself to Thee without fear with the fullness of my will; take possession of my being, penetrate it entirely. I am but a nothing, powerless to serve Thee, it is true, but it is Thou, Infinite Love, Who hast given to this nothing and Who dost draw it to Thee.

Behold me then, O Jesus, come to do Thy work of love to labour to the utmost of my capacity in bringing to Thy priests, and through them to the entire world, the knowledge of Thy mercies and of the sublime and tender love of Thy Heart.

I wish to accomplish Thy will, whatever it may cost me; even to the shedding of my blood, if my blood be not unworthy to flow for Thy glory.

O Mary, Immaculate Virgin whom Infinite Love has rendered fruitful, It Is by thy virginal hands that I give and consecrate myself.

Obtain for me the grace to be humble and faithful, and to devote myself without reserve to the interests of Jesus Christ Thy adorable Son and to the glory of His Sacred Heart!

Pope Pius XI granted the following indulgences to members for the recitation of this prayer: 300 days toties quoties; plenary once a month, if recited daily.

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