Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche

The writings of this saintly nun are ideal reading for every priest and seminarian, but also for lay people because she received great insights into the Infinite Love of God. The term “Infinite Love” is the name that she used for God. She was given the mission to remind the Church of the most important message in the Bible and indeed in the world which is that “God is Love” (1 John 4:8). Everything else we know about the nature of God and everything He has done for mankind is due to the fact that “God is Love”
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Prayer for the Beatification of Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche

O Infinite Love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, through Your humble servant Mother Louise Margaret You wanted to show Priests the riches of Your Mercy which effusing in the Heart of Christ continues to reveal it to the world, so that every creature loves You as You wish to be loved and in You all love their fellowmen.
And glorify Your faithful Servant by granting us the graces we ask through her intercession.


The Headquarters of the work of Infinite Love is the convent of the Sisters of Bethany of the Sacred Heart that Venerable Mother Louise founded and their Italian website is here: Opera Amore Infinito

Postal address:
Betania del Sacro Cuore,
10030 Vische,
Torino, (TO)

“The Church is the mystical Body of Christ, the faithful are its members. The Priesthood is its heart. Yes, the Priesthood is the heart of this living Body of which Christ is the Head! A body dies if the head or the heart is mortally wounded, for it is from the head and the heart that life radiates through the entire body.” “The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood,” by Venerable Louise Margaret de la Touche Copyright © Publishers Tan Books North Carolina USA

Jesus wants His priests to know how much He loves them and also that they are the heart of His Church. He wants them to be on fire with love for Him and for souls and to set the whole world on fire with love for Him and for souls.

Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche, 15th March 1868 to 14th of May 1915

She was a French Visitation nun who had to overcome many and great obstacles all through her life to do God's will. She suffered to a heroic degree in many ways and was truly a victim soul. Our Lord revealed to her His plan of infinite love for the world for which He needs the help of His chosen souls, the priests of the world.

The message of Sister Louise Margaret may be summarized as follows:
1. God is Infinite Love. All that is and all that He has created is love.
2. God wants to renew this world full of hate with a particular outpouring of love.
3. God wants to entrust this mission to priests and, therefore, He wants to fill them, first of all, with love by inviting them to enter the Heart of Christ and draw love from there. Only after having had the experience of being loved by Christ can priests change the world by sowing love with open hands.
The response of priests to the privileged love of Christ should find expression in an act of donation of their hearts to Christ and of adoration of His Heart. Entrusting themselves to this love, priests can fulfil a mission of love in the world.

Of her mission, she herself wrote:

“I was not born to be a religious, or to be a superior. In the designs of Providence, I was to be both, but that is not my raison d'être. My raison d'être is to be a nothing, a feather flying with the wind, a grain of sand heaved up by the sea. But this feather and this grain of sand are messengers of Infinite Love. Yes, my role here below is to publish the good news throughout the world, the good news that can never be repeated by enough people, the good news that has been repeated for the last twenty centuries without ceasing to be the news that all men have need to learn. It is that God is Love, and that consequently, He loves His creatures. To know this would mean happiness for the individual, happiness for peoples, happiness for humanity. But people refuse to believe it and thus refuse to be happy, because men's intellects, for want of this light, remain in darkness. Men's hearts, for want of this heat, remain cold and sad.”

The devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and the devotion to the Sacred Heart are not only two sister devotions. In reality, they are only one and the same devotion. They complete each other and develop each other; they blend so perfectly together that one cannot stand without the other, and their union is absolute.
“The Book of Infinite Love,” Second Part, Section XII Copyright © Publishers Tan Books North Carolina USA

“God is Love, He is Infinite Love. This divine essence in itself has no form. It is a vast, limitless sea, a light confined by no obstacle, but outside Itself, Infinite Love takes different forms in order that we may be able to recognise It. One of the forms of Love, the most attractive for our sinful souls, is Mercy. Mercy is a form of Love adapted to us sinners, but it is truly Love, Infinite Love, always the same, uncreated, eternal, living, and operating.
Thus in the Upper Room, in an instant, Infinite Love effected two marvellous creations: the Eucharist and the priesthood.” “The Priest, the Creation of Infinite Love,” from “The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood,” Copyright © Publishers Tan Books North Carolina USA

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